Spot City Taxi contact number

No 139,1st Floor
Guardian House, Infantry Road
Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore
Zip Code:560001
Phone: 080-4110 0000 / 07353 000 038


Spot city taxi provides the best Airport Taxi services and city taxi services in Bangalore at cheapest fares.we provide taxi services 24/7. Started in 1999, SPOT City Taxi was one of the first Radio Taxi’s established in Bangalore in response to the Government call for metered and regulated tariff taxis service in the city. SPOT City Taxi was promoted by individuals who were pioneers in developing micro-enterprise for the purpose of social empowerment. It was therefore a natural outcome that SPOT came to be designed as a Social Enterprise that empowers unemployed youth to transform their lives by income generation and asset creation through self-employment. Over the past decade SPOT has fulfilled its mission by transforming the lives of thousands of families in Bangalore while providing safe, secure,clean and efficient transportation to millions of inhabitants in our city. We have truly done well by doing good.

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