Train Enquiry Contact Number:


Indian Railways Headquarters Address:

Headquarters: New Delhi
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.,
B-148, 11th Floor, Statesman House,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001.
Indian Railways Zonal Locations :

Purchase Officers, COS office,
1st Floor, N.A.B., CST, Mumbai
Fax no. of COS office: 22634313/22697215

Park Town,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 003
Chennai Customer Care No. : 044-25300000

B-148, 11th Floor, Statesman House,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001

Train Enquiry Toll free Number(s):

1800 11 1139
1800 11 1322
1800 11 1321

Train Enquiry All India Number(s):

011- 155210(Vigilance Help Line No.)

by SMS to 139

  1. PNR Status: PNR
    <10 Digit PNR Number>
  2. Arrival/
    : AD <Train Number> <STD Code of
  3. Seat
    : SEAT <Train Number> <Date of
    Journey> <Source Station STD Code> <Destination
    Station STD Code> <Class> <Quota>
  4. Fare Enquiry:
    SEAT <Train Number> <Date of Journey>
    <Source Station STD Code> <Destination Station STD
    Code> <Class> <Quota>
  5. Train Number/ Name
    : TN <Train Number/ Train Name>
  6. Time Table: TIME
    <Train Number>
  7. Current Location of
    : SPOT <Train Number>
  8. Follow Your PNR:
    FOLLOW <10 Digit PNR Number>
  9. Platform Enquiry:
    PLATFORM <Train Number> <STD Code of the

Customer Care: 1800 11 1139
Phone No: 011-39340000, 011-23340000

About Train Enquiry

Train enquiry is indeed a convenience and advantage to millions of passengers across the network. The Train enquiry option is the backbone of the railways. At the outset, it shows you the availability of the train which is the most important aspect before you commence your train travel. It also tells you the status of both arrival and departure timings of the train the passenger is going to boarding. This enquiry system also provides seat availability for train ticket Booking, current running train status, train name, route and also you can check the status of the booking through the Train enquiry.

Train enquiry system adds a lot of comfort to your train travel right from checking the trains operation on your route to the availability of seats, you can have the convenience to get away with the long serpentine queues, the din and dirt of the platforms and the shouts and screams at the reservation counters. There are various modes through which make the train enquiries – Online, offline and over the phone.

You can make the enquiry through the internet sitting in the comfort of your home or office or by calling them on the Train enquiry numbers while you are on the move. It gives you the luxury of a hassle free booking experience. Train enquiry is available to you round the clock so you do not have to worry about when the counter will be closed or will you get to the counter in time and will have the seats availabilities till then.

In today’s busy lifestyle, for those who prefer to travel through trains to their natives or home towns, the Train enquiry system has made the booking experience very simple and straight forward that you can do the bookings and enquiries as per your convenient time. You can still manage to keep a track of your booking and can also check the current status of your PNR and at the same time you can check the arrival and departure times of the trains.

It saves a lot of valuable time of the traveler weather it is while making the booking or keeping a track of your reservations. In no time, the Train enquiry system has become an integral part of the railways. As railways itself adds a lot of comfort to the passengers, the Train enquiry also adds a lot of convenience to the millions of passengers travelling regularly from one place to another.

Indian railways as we all know are one of the busiest and fastest railway networks across the world and to make it more special the enhanced enquiry system has been formulated to make the travelling experience more convenient and comfortable for its passengers. For making your voyage hassle free, the Indian Railway has its own rail enquiry, providing all the important details and information concerning Indian Railways Network whether it is the Train Schedule, Time Table of Routes, PNR Status, Names of the Trains, Weekly Train Availability and many more.

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