Jkpsc Contact Number

The Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission
Solina, Srinagar, Kashmir
Tel: Srinagar 0194 -2310369
Fax:Srinagar 0194 -2455089

(Winter office Nov. to April)
The Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission
Resham Ghar Colony, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu.
Tel: Jammu 0191-2566541
Fax:Jammu 0191-2566710

About Jkpsc

Selecting the most capable and deserving persons, for manning the civil services and posts, and perform other functions assigned to the Commission in accordance with the mandate of the Constitution.


Exercising utmost impartiality, objectivity and efficiency in accomplishing its tasks in a time bound manner and transparently, making use of technological innovations, wherever feasible.


Being fair to all and being seen as such.

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