Pragyan School Greater Noida‎ contact number

Sector Gamma, Greater Noida
Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar,
U.P. – 201308
Fax +91-120-4296705


Having spent forty years in the realm of school education in India and abroad, I often thought it would be wonderful if all that I had learnt and gathered over the years be translated into practice. This meant starting a school ab initio. A school of my dreams. A day boarding school which would be a culmination of the totality of my experience. It was at this juncture that I met a highly motivated and committed group of old students from Modern School, who were enthusiastically pursuing the idea of starting an ideal residential school with international dimensions in Greater Noida – a city of the future. We decided to pool our thoughts and resources and give shape to our dreams. This led to Pragyan.

We made the beginning without much fanfare. No ribbons were cut, no VIPs invited, no speeches delivered, no rituals gone through and no elaborate ceremonies performed. All the same, we all solemnly assembled, members of the Governing Body, Headmistress of the school, the Members of the Faculty, a handful of students, and some Administrative Staff, and we all earnestly invoked the blessings of Goddess of Learning with the prayer to give us strength to pursue our goals in this lofty experimentation in the field of education, where students will spend almost the entire day in the rich environment of Pragyan leading to an establishment of a bond of love of understanding and mutual respect. Students respecting teachers is an accepted phenomenon, but our teachers know so well that they too, have to respect the rights of the students, and this bond of love will flourish and lead to vigorous, relentless pursuit of knowledge.

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