Gagan Public School Noida contact number

HS-1, Sector-4, Near Gaurcity 1,
Greater Noida (West).
+91 96435 69000, +91 96435 79000
The GAGAN FAMILY, engaged in the field of education since 1989, It amounts a immense pleasure to state that by the grace of Almighty, the organization has completed 29 years of its journey in the field of education.

The foundation stone of this institution was laid by Dr. S. C. Sharma in 1989. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the seed of knowledge was sown by the aforementioned dignitary that eventually has grown up into a firm tree which is giving the sweet fruits in the form of educated responsible & complete citizens in all respect.

The following dictum is believed in “ENTER TO LEARN & LEAVE TO SERVE”. In the beginning the trail was blazed in the form of establishment of the first plant as a part and parcel of the defined policy of education – GAGAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAIL ROAD, ALIGARH, in 1989.

With this establishment the members of the Gagan Group of Intuition committed to serve the society as a whole in the field of education, without discrimination on the basis of caste colour, sex, region, religion & race.

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