Eurokids RMV 2nd Stage Contact Number

Phone: 9482090028/9449116243
Address: No.63 – 64, 4th A Cross, Between 2nd & 3rd Main Hig, Rmv 2nd Stage,Dollars Colony, Bangalore-560094
Playgroup admissions open almost throughout the year. Admission to other classes closes by August 31 each year.

As experts in child care, we at EuroKids understand that leaving children at home while being away at work can be quite stressful.

That’s why here’s EuroKids Pre-School & DayCare. An exclusive daycare facility in your workplace vicinity, to help you focus better on work and also be close to your toddlers, and at all EuroKids centres, so that we can take care of them. At EuroKids, we plan, build and run a best-in-class child care facility through various daycare models which makes parenting fun & comfortable for you.

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