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19, Saraswati Niwas, Rokadia Lane,
S.V.P. Road, Borivali West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092
For Online Payment & Cancellation Issues: 02816198035
Mumbai Phone No
Pune Phone No

About Neeta Tours and travels

There are many reasons for which Neeta tours and Travels are far different from the other tours and travels services. Having been started in the year 2000, Neeta tours and Travels are one of the premium travel services. If we talk about the reasons what is so good about Neeta Travels and tours, here are the many reasons for it. First there is great convenience about getting the ticket booked in any of the Neeta Volvo office,that is the only case when you are in any of the 20 destinations where Neeta tours and Travels operate.

There are also the various telephone lines from where we can manage to have the various enquiries about the tickets. If we talk about the hospitality about Neeta tours and Travels, there is lavish treatment all the travellers get. First they are being welcomed with the qualified staff. They all are dressed up in uniform and all are well spoken so that you have an experience of being pampered guest. Neeta tours and Travels also keep concern about the functionality of their buses, their engineers keep monitoring the Volvo buses.

They also have certified staff people who are all at your service and would not disappoint people who travel by Neeta Travels and tours. The safety of all the travellers is being well taken care of at Neeta Travels and Tours. There are some premium services given to the travellers of Neeta tours and Travels like the buses are less vibrating and also give less noise. Also to be noticed at Neeta tours and Travels is that they have high quality suspension and wonderful seating arrangement. Some more issues like wide leg space with leg rest which is very important to have in good travel services are there in Neeta tours and Travels.

This requirement is very necessary for long distance journey. Neeta tours and Travels are also keeping in their minds the issue of entertainment for the travellers. So it also has T.V. and DVD player to give you entertainment. To sum up, Neeta tours and Travels are having all the key ingredients to make the journey comfortable for all.

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