Cab Booking & Enquiries – 24 X 7 X 365 DAYS
BANGALORE & MYSORE: +91 80 60609090
HYDERABAD: +91 40 60609090
PUNE & NAGPUR: +91 20 60609090
TRIVANDRUM & ATTINGAL: +91 471 6060909
COCHIN: +91 484 6060909
+91 9343135011 / +91 9902344999


CelCabs was launched to challenge the most challenging task popularly coined as “Entry Barrier” by our Visionary & Key Promoter of CelCabs

During his earlier businesses, most of the time he was travelling from one place to another on different assignments & was facing difficulty to get connectivity WRT last mile landside transportation like Tanga/Auto/Taxi/Etc specially when he was new in any City/Town/Village in India.

This lead him to think, there should be a Single Brand with Unified Price as well Standards of Operations with Single Contact Number for Ease & Comfort of any local as well travelling customers for using Landside Local Transportation in any part of India, without any iota of doubt of getting Cheated or Taken for Ride.

CelCabs is formed by a Group of Mind Blowing Entrepreneurs from various backgrounds extremely “Passionate” about delivering their “Promoter’s Vision” & helping people at large in India.

CelCabs incorporated in 2004 as per company’s act 1956. Always maintain Low Profile & Plying below Radar. Based on our learning field experiences, we’ve honed our Skills & produced required Products & Services. It’s now time for us to get known on all Indian Roads.

CelCabs is formed by Entrepreneurs, who never had any idea about “Taxi Industry” experience in the past. Our team has been striving by the day to Design-Develop & Deploy New State-Of-Art Technologies with Owned IPR WRT Taxi Application CRM & Mobile Data Terminal in our Cabs. This has helped us to Save Cost yet retain comfort of travelling & meet growing market Trends & facilitate entire customers with Authentic Billing System fetching Value For Money.

CelCabs is India’s first Taxi Company to achieve Certification from Meteorology Dept, Weights & Measures Govt of India for our Billing System fitted in our Cabs.

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