Cambridge India Contact Number

7& 7/1 Satyendra Nath Majumder Sarani,
Calcutta 700 026,
Phones: +91 33 82320 42019, 4004 2701

Cambridge India

About Cambridge India

The number of international schools in India has considerably growing day by day in major cities due to heavy competitions amongst various schools in the country. For more than 150 years, Cambridge have attracted more than thousands of scholars in India. Many of India’s leading figures had been produced from Cambridgeindia such as academics, scientists, industrialists, and politicians etc.

The reason of growing reputation of the international schools in India is the global curriculum that is taught in Cambridgeindia.The main focus of this institution in India is the overall development of children in all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities other than education.We aim to further collaborations and partnerships between Cambridge and India to provide maxim scholars at our best level.

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