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At Decathlon, our obsession is every day to optimize our costs in order to offer you quality products, at the lowest price, and thus make the sport accessible to all.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) should not be disposed of with household waste. You can return your old equipment in a DECATHLON store in the bins for this purpose, or request it from our customer relations center in case of home delivery. You can also take it to an approved waste collection point or to an association that works for the recycling of products.

Find all the Decathlon tips and news on the Decathlon blog. Prepare your Christmas presents with Decathlon, and discover a selection of products for a back to school . Find a wide range of products for hiking , many ski masks , our new windsurfers and all mountain bikes at DECATHLON prices. Finally, Decathlon no longer offers sales , but low prices all year round. For ski rentals in more than 350 resorts, contact our partner Skimium.

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